Dropshipping Policy

This Dropshipping Policy shall apply and shall form part of the Seller Terms of Service (“Terms”), if the method of fulfilment of Orders is Dropshipping.

General terms for Dropshipping
(a) Logistics Services. You shall fulfil the order using postal services, your own logistics services or a 3PL. Cura Selects shall not be obliged to assist you to update the status of delivery on Seller Centre, nor shall Cura Selects be liable to you for any losses you suffer in the event you do not fulfil the Order. You are solely responsible for updating us reliably and quickly about the inventory status of Products, so as to ensure timely fulfilment of Orders.

(b) Logistics Timeline. You will prepare and ship the Order to Buyer’s designated shipping address, according to the lead times specified in the Policies, provided that, where you fail to comply with the deadline, Cura Selects may modify the deadline and/or to cancel the Order.

(c) Order Stop/Cancellation. You shall stop or cancel any Orders if directed by Cura Selects. If Buyer has already been charged for such Orders, Cura Selects will execute refunds (and any adjustments) and credit the applicable Buyer account. You will reimburse us for all amounts credited and costs associated with the refund.

(d) Shipping Costs. Unless otherwise provided in the Terms, you shall be responsible for all costs incurred for shipping the Products. Any costs assessed against or incurred by Cura Selects in relation to shipping will be debited to you. If applicable and unless otherwise specified, you shall also be responsible for payment of all customs duties, and taxes and any other charges related to the shipping and custom clearance of Products.

(e) Import/Export. Cura Selects shall, under no circumstances, be listed as the importer, exporter, consignor or consignee in any export or import documentation. If Cura Selects is listed as the importer, exporter, consignor or consignee in any export or import documentation, Cura Selects shall have the right to cancel the Order covered by such documents and any costs assessed against or incurred by us will be deducted from amounts payable to you, or by other method at our election. If Cura Selects decides to support you with the completion of the import procedures of the carrier, Cura Selects may deduct from amounts payable to you, or by other method at our election, any applicable costs or fees or penalties.

(f) Restricted Destinations. Cura Selects may restrict the destinations to which you may ship Products. Cura Selects has no obligation to provide logistics services to collect or deliver Products to or from any PO Box, overseas address, addresses without proper postal codes, or any non-delivery locations set out in the Policies.

(g) Estimated Shipping Costs. Estimated shipping costs, if any, provided prior to shipment are not binding and you agree that you shall be liable for the actual shipping costs incurred in (a) above.

(h) Title and Risk. Title of Products will remain with you until they have been transferred to the Buyer in the manner contemplated by the Terms. Except as expressly provided by these Terms, at no point in time will title to Products pass to Cura Selects or its sub-contractors (if any). Cura Selects or its sub-contractors shall not be or deemed to be the merchant on record of the Products. Risk of loss or damage of Products will remain with you until such time the Products are delivered to the Buyer, returned to you, or otherwise handled in accordance with the Terms or the Policies. You shall be responsible for, and bear all risk and liability for the sourcing, sale, packaging, labelling, product quality, and product warranties (if applicable) for all Products delivered using Dropshipping, and you shall be responsible for all such claims in relation to such Products.

(i) Rejection/Return of Products. Subject to the Returns and Exchange Policy, Cura Selects (or Cura Selects’s 3PL) and/or Buyer may reject any Products and return such Products, including but not limited to Prohibited and Controlled products.

(j) Fee Deduction and Payment Terms. Fees payable by you for Dropshipping completed by each reconciliation cut-off date shall be deducted from the Sales Proceeds. You are to issue invoices for delivered Orders on a monthly consolidated basis, and we will pay you the Net Proceeds within thirty (30) days from the date of your invoice. In the event the Sales Proceeds are repeatedly insufficient to pay the service fees payable to Cura Selects, Cura Selects may issue you an invoice for payment, and you shall pay such invoiced amounts to Cura Selects within ten (10) Working Days from the date of our invoice. Any invoice or payment error will be reversed and corrected in the next payment cycle.

(k) Limitation of Liability. The total liability of Cura Selects to you where Cura Selects is responsible for the risk shall be limited to the replacement value of such Products. The replacement value of the Products shall be calculated in accordance with the Policies. Provided that, if the loss or damage is caused by the Seller’s instructions, the Seller failing to comply with the terms of this Agreement or the Policies, related to the decay of perishable Products, or otherwise directly or indirectly caused by Seller, Cura Selects will not be liable for any such loss or damage. Provided also that any claims relating to any losses or damages under this section must be made by Seller within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery of the Products to Buyer. Any compensation payable to you under this Clause shall be the exclusive remedy available to you for any Claim arising out of Dropshipping services.

(l) Buyer Information. You shall not use the Buyer information of Cura Selects, including, without limitation, contact information, shipping address and other order details, for any purpose other than for the fulfilment of an Order, nor disclose such information to any third party, and you shall protect such information as Confidential Information. This includes but is not limited to any activity that effectively results in you dealing with Cura Selects Buyers directly and diverts business from Cura Selects.


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