Delivery by Seller Policy


This Delivery by Seller Policy shall apply and shall form part of the Seller Terms of Service (“Terms”), if the method of fulfilment of Orders is Delivery by Seller.

(a) Approval by Cura Selects. You may use “Delivery by Seller” as a fulfilment model only if approved by Cura Selects.

(b) Cash on Delivery. Unless Cura Selects approves your usage of cash on delivery as a payment model, you shall not collect any payment from Buyer.

(c) Seller’s Responsibilities.
(i) You will prepare and ship Products under the Buyer Contract to the address specified in the relevant Order within the lead times set out in the Policies. If you fail to comply with the stipulated deadline, Cura Selects may modify the deadline and/or cancel the Order.

(ii) You shall update the status of delivery on Seller Centre within the deadline specified in the Policies.

(iii) You shall stop or cancel any Orders if directed by Cura Selects. If Buyer has already been charged for such Orders, Cura Selects will execute refunds (and any adjustments) and credit the applicable Buyer account. You will reimburse us for all amounts credited costs associated with the refund.

(iv) You will ensure that Cura Selects is at all times supplied with updated Order shipment tracking information.

(v) You shall be responsible for, and bear all risk and liability for the sourcing, sale, packaging, labelling, product quality, product delivery and product warranties (if applicable) for all Products delivered using the Delivery by Seller model.

(vi) You shall be responsible for all claims in relation to such Products. Claims include but are not limited to those under the Returns and Exchange Policy.

(vii) You shall not require Buyer to provide any other document (except to confirm receipt of delivery) during the delivery process.

(d) Title and Risk. Title and risk of loss for Products will remain with you at all times, and Cura Selects will have no liability whatsoever related to the Products including their shipping, storage, delivery delays, damage or loss through Delivery by Seller.


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